Em Repair Centre Sdn Bhd

Piam No: SWK/E1/98

Location map: Location map Address:
98000, Sarawak

Email: -
Phone: 085-436189
Fax: 085-435189
Tow Truck (24 hours): 019-8157788

Company Profile

EM Repair Centre Sdn Bhd  has been operating since 1997 and approved by PIAM on the year 1999. It is wholly owned and run by one director, namely Mr Yong Shin Joon. The director has more than 10 years of experience in the motor claim industry and has hired 27 employees. EM Repair Centre Sdn Bhd is a panel workshop for more than half of the insurance companies in Miri and is still waiting for offers to be a penl workshop for several other insurance companies.
EM Repair Centre Sdn Bhd also gives vehicle servicing, repairing, maintenance and spraying works. To give customer genuine satisfaction and guarantee, we utilize facilities to give the best to our customers, such as spot welding machine, auto liner, hydraulic lift, oven room, tow dollies and so on.
EM Repair Centre Sdn Bhd has 2 towing trucks and operates for 24 hours to render services to accident vehicles and break down vehicles. To enhance our motor accident claim process, we use Merimen and GTS system to enable us to connect directly to insurance companies.
EM Repair Centre Sdn Bhd has been established for 6 years and is approved by PIAM for nearly 5 years. This shows that we have good foundation.

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