Holy Auto Service Centre Sdn Bhd

Piam No: SWK/H9/01

Location map: Location map Address:
97000, Sarawak

Email: holyauto@tm.net.my
Phone: 086-311666, 086-311999
Fax: 086-311777
Tow Truck (24 hours): 086-311666

Company Profile

Holy Auto Service Centre was registered in 1996 that provides a one-stop service center for the motoring public regardless whether the vehicle is a local or foreign made car. Since then, it has increased in status to be one of the highly reputable car servicing, repairing and insurance claims motor vehicles workshops in Bintulu.


Holy Auto Service Centre has a team of dedicated and experienced personnel in the management and administration, technical ands services division to ensure quality and satisfaction in servicing the customers, corporate clients and insurance companies. It has a multi racial dynamic team of Malay, Chinese and Iban (local ethnic) staff involved in different areas of auto-technical specialization.
At Holy Auto Service Centre, we ensure that all the repairs perfroemd on the customer’s vehicle are of the highest possible standard. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipments. All our products and paints are of top quality. Skilled tradesmen perform all repairs. In-house and external training are on going commitments as our people continue to monitor the industry trends and keep abreast with all the state of the art vehicle repair technologies.
With our customers in mind at all times, we pay unparalleled attention to customer needs and service. Our ongoing philosophy is to provide ‘Quality and Service’ at all times and at a fair price.


Integrity in the conduct of our dealings and providing genuine professional service to the motorists, and the insurance companies has always been the company’s dedicated mission since the beginning, and will remain so in the present and for the future.

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