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31350, Perak

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24 Hours Towing Service
In order to provide prompt service to our valued customers, we have a fleet of tow truck which provides 24 hours on call service so that we can easily approach to our customers. Moreover, our tow truckers are well trained and also full of experience on towing vehicles, therefore we believe that our valued customers have their full confidence in us.

Customer Service
In a hyper-competitive economy with increasingly rational customers, our company creates and delivers superior value to our valued customers. As we know – Customers are king. So our company’s main objective is to provide high quality service to delight our valued customers. Once our customers have been delighted, their expectations are raised and they will be satisfied, therefore our company has trained our customer-contact-personnel to be polite and provide prompt service to our valued customers. Whenever our valued customers have car problems, we will give the best solution and advice.

Collision Repair
Our company also provides repair services for the accident cars. As we know, service quality is essential for product differentiation and building customer loyalty. Therefore we have recruited panel beaters who are experienced and skilled to make sure that our service quality is maintained and our customers’ requirement can be fulfilled.
Air Conditioning/Wiring
Our technician and wireman are knowledgeable and competent in air-conditioning and wiring. They have experiences in repairing them with the new and advanced equipments and tools.

In order to keep an engine in good condition, there are several equipments to be used.

  • Engine Tuning – used to tune to its optimum efficiency and used to reduce the occurrence of engine breakdown.
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid Changer – used to change the transmission fluid in the shortest time period.
  • Engine Oil Changer – used to change engine oil in the shortest period of time.

Insurance Claims
Our front line employees play a vital role in providing excellent services to our valued customers due to our great impact on valued customer’s impressions. Therefore, we will consistently be courteous with customers and cultivate knowledge to answer the customers’ questions about insurance claims. Moreover, we will always be willing to help and give prompt service to our valued customers.
Nature of work/services carried out at our workshop :

  • Welding
  • Panel beating & Body Repair
  • Spray Painting
  • Car Wash & Polish
  • Engine Service & Repair
  • General Overhaul
  • Electric Wiring
  • Exhaust System
  • Air Conditioning
  • Insurance Claims Service
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Vehicle Valet & Inspection
  • Towing Service

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Here’s a list of equipments we use to facilitate our repair work:

  • Engine Oil Changer
  • Portable Lubricators
  • Welding Torches and Gas Cylinders
  • Rotating Engine Stand
  • Vacuum
  • Hydraulic Body Jack
  • Floor Jack
  • Air Compressor
  • Proton Diagnostics Tools (PDT)
  • Paint Mixture
  • Tow Truck
  • Four Post Lift
  • Spraying Booth
  • Two Post Lift

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