Piam No: SEL/W22/99

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68100, Selangor

Email: wargacor@streamyx.com
Phone: 03-6136 3608
Fax: 03-6136 3607
Tow Truck (24 hours): 019-213 2597, 019-275 1542


We provide the following good services:

  • 24 Hours Towing Services
  • Auto Services
  • Wheel Balancing & Alignment
  • Spray Paint
  • Collision Repair
  • Washing & Cleaning

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The Autorobot mechanic measuring device has been designed for the measuring of the vehicle chassis and upper body. The unique nature of the system is based on its ease of use and on the fact that the system allows checking of both the underbody and upper structures quickly. Easy measuring process is accomplished by aluminium beams which are placed on the vehicle sides, and on which the chassis measuring bridges and the upper measuring arch are assembled on roller bearings. It is the overhead measuring arch with the measuring rods, moving freely over the length of the vehicle, that makes the Autorobot system very special and allows quick measurements of the important vehicle points which have most effect on the quality of the body repair. Our frame equipment when combined with one of our Certified Technician will certainly assure you that your car will be repaired accurately and to original factory specifications. Our Autorobot attachments and accessories provide an extreme pulling and straightening machine that can pull and straighten any damaged car.
Our spray booth is designed to create a lean and safe working environment in which to meet the painting needs of most automobile painting. Spray and drying are available as a combined booth ie the same booth can be used for spraying as well as for drying (baking), dual functions. By simply turning the switch at the switchboard, spraying or drying operation can be adjusted accordingly. In order to increase the spray amount per day, it is also possible to add one or several dryers to our combined spray and drying booth. This is to ensure the availability of upgrading our booths in the future. In order to carry out the spray painting efficiently and effectively, we are using the conventional spray guns and numerous accessories, such as nozzle extensions, bouncing nozzles for pipes, pressure regulators, oil and water separators, pressure pots and more. Our spray painters are all well trained by the suppliers in order to utilize all the tools efficiently. Our booth is equipped with roof mounted 40watt 4 tube fluorescent lighting fixtures. Booth lighting systems are designed to conform to the safety regulations for spray applications. Regular maintenance is being scheduled for maintaining the effectiveness of the spray paint booth function. Safety regulations are spelled out and reviewed regularly in order to ensure our workforce is working in a safe environment.
We are supplying two truck services 24 hours to all customers, as we understand how helpless our customer feels when their car breaks down in the middle of the night. We always keep our promise to reach our customer and help them out as soon as we can. An experienced mechanic will follow along the tow truck o the scene to help the customers. Customers with the membership of “Sahabat EON” can enjoy the service free of charge by calling the following numbers :
Toll Free : 1800-188-99
Hotline : 03-7628 0055

We persist to use the best service and collision repair kits to carry out our servicing and repairing activities mainly for 3 reasons :

  • To ensure the safety of our workforce
  • To ensure satisfactory results
  • To maximise the efficiency of our workforce

The following are some of the tools that are being used by our workforce :

  • Compress Electric Air Sander with Vacuum
    • The portable wire feed welding system features DC welding output as well as easy weld smooth arc system which allows even the novice to obtain professional results.
  • A glue pulling dent removal system for door dings, hail dents, buckles, and shallow creases.
  • A bumper caddy that allows us to stack, store and move bumpers around the shop with ease.
  • Able to load up to six bumper covers and begin speeding up production. Eliminate damage

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