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Euro 5 Diesel Available at 6 Petronas Stations in the Klang Valley

Six stations are at Technology Park Malaysia, Mutiara Damansara (north-bound), NKVE (Damansara-bound), Solaris Putra, Solaris Serdang (south-bound) and SPRINT Highway.
Petronas stated that it will continue to roll out the fuel across the country, with more than 30 stations earmarked to receive Euro 5 diesel by the end of the year – including another 25 in the Klang Valley.

Benefits of PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 are:

Protects the engine: Cleans and prevents engine damage by protecting critical injector parts and exhaust after-treatment devices resulting in longer engine life.

Restores power: Regain engine performance, efficiency and reliability by cleaning modern diesel injectors.

Cleaner combustion: Easier starting, less engine noise and smoother acceleration through improved combustion resulting in improved drivability, less smoke and less fuel consumption.

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