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The new Perodua Myvi 2022 launched-RM46k-RM59k


After various lively teasers aired this fortnight, finally the Perodua Myvi facelift 2022 
has been officially launched tonight. As mentioned when it was first ordered over a 
week ago, this updated Myvi comes with five variants to choose from.

If you look at the change in appearance, it doesn't look much different from the 
previous model. But on average each variant of this Myvi facelift is sold at a 
relatively high price compared to the previous version, why? For your information,
 this updated version doesn’t just involve ‘bumper engineering’ alone, but it receives
 a fairly large window of technological and mechanical standards and you’ll find out
 in this article.

Although this facelift model only appeared four years after the launch of the third 
generation Myvi, the development project with the code D51A actually started in 
February 2019, which is about only a year after the "G3" model was introduced in
 the market.

Since then, a total of 137,000 hours have been used to complete this Myvi facelift, 
with development costs reaching RM50 million - a relatively high cost for a facelift
 model, and you’ll find out why these costs are so high after this.

source from Perodua 


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